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What Is Turinabol (TBol)?

Basically, Turinabol is employed to help anabolic growth. Its creation can be drawn back as 1960, precisely in East Germany, at a place called Jenaphram. It is a steroid that improves anabolism and was selected as a tool by the German sportsmen and women to use during Olympic Games. This product was selected and applied to use as part of the doping programme.

To understand the composition of its chemical structure, Turinabol contains small molecules of Dianabol. The negative effect is related to androgen: a hormone in men, which increases the growth of muscles. To emphasise the power of Turinabol, it is good at the metabolic and anabolic level of therapy or development.

As a beginner, Turinabol (or TBol) is the best option to choose because the user is still new to anabolic treatment. The oral form of this steroid (oral Turinabol) makes it even better than any other choice. This is one of its advantages. Another benefit it has over others is its liver toxicity, which makes the drug safe to use. Many molecules of other steroids cannot match or beat this distinct ability.

When users choose and use Turanibol, they should earn maximum muscle growth, while water-holding capability  remains at a minimum — but if the dosages, cycles and other requirements are followed religiously. Nevertheless, the user will have more strength as well as energy and that is a tool to improve endurance. The oral Turinabol is a versatile product which acts on different, unique levels. For one, it can be used as a mass gainer and even as a dryer.

Furthermore, its features are not limited to the growth of muscles and strength as it enables users—unlike alternative forms of steroids—to use doses of Anavar. For users who want to combine the usage with another steroid, TBol allows it. It can be used with a testosterone booster, Masteron and others like the trenbolone or the nandrolone.

The benefits of TBol tablets are not limited to the above. Cycling in dry mass is best achieved with this steroid. How does the drug do this? Well, it first reduces water and quantity of fat and regulates water retention. Although the gains noticed will be little or minor, users can rest assured that the little gains noticed are the best and of the highest quality.

This product, however, is available in only one form: tablet form. So, be careful if a seller says otherwise. You get a 10 mg tablet of this steroid when you order anywhere. However, be selective about where you order or buy: we recommend ordering at MusclesFaq because they offer the highest quality and are punctual.


What Is It Used For In Bodybuilding?

Turinabol is an anabolic steroid extracted from Dianabol, but with a slightly different chemical structure when broken down. In Turinabol, there are two bonds at the carbon 1 and carbon 2, one chlorine atom at the carbon 4 position.

The above structure eradicates the aromatisation of the product. This means, unlike Dbol (Dianabol) which is aromatised, this steroid is free from such side effect. To enhance the mass earned by muscle, the Oral Tbol (the form of Tbol taken orally) uses a process called the Physiological Process.

In basic terms, the Physiological Process is a process whereby protein synthesis and nitrogen-holding capability grow immensely within the muscles. This process prevents any defect that can be caused by glucocorticoids. Additionally, users do not have to worry about anything cortisol-related because catabolism is prevented in the muscles. Tbol goes further to touch the red blood cell, and help boost the level of red blood cells produced in the body. This ensures more oxygen is generated and made available for the muscle tissue. The potential of the muscle to endure, will then, step-up exponentially.

This is how the user — probably a bodybuilder — develops the muscle. However, the TBol tablets use is a major determinant. The benefits are significant and add more than just enhancing the muscle; the body will become a stronger and empowered one. The steroid definitely has brought more benefits as mentioned: endurance, strength and muscle mass. For swiftness, efficiency, and a body that rests and regains energy quickly, Turinabol is the best choice. It gives you just the right amount in 10mg, which is good for every user but respective of the Turinabol usage. Concurrently, bodybuilders also use the Turinabol pills with a defined Sustanon cycle to achieve even greater results.


Turinabol Cycle

The TBol cycle depends on the aim of use. What do you aim to achieve by using Turinabol? What level are you? A beginner or expert? Determine these and more factors before using, and the process of usage will be as simple as that. Also, the effect would be a good one.

For beginners, when the Turinabol usage is followed by six to eight weeks of the good diet, the mass of muscle should be about 5 kg and can be as high as 10 kg. Moreover, dry mass of about 4 to 6 kg can be attained if the recovery process is performed in the right way.

After the treatment, the muscle will notice a significant change. The process will build muscles around the torso, pectoral, deltoid, and trapezius. Depending on the mass of the user, the number influences the result. The low-fat level will bring more noticeable result.

The Turinabol cycle length, as explained, is influenced by certain important factors, which include:

  • Weight;
  • Individual size;
  • Years of training;
  • Age.

For beginners (someone who has never done an anabolic cycle), there should be a limit for the dosage. The dosage for most beginners and everyone generally is better discussed in a section below. The Turinabol cycle length should be consistently maintained for 6-8 weeks to ensure the best result.

For experienced users (someone who is familiar with the anabolic cycle), the dosage is slightly higher than beginners. Depending on the above factors and the usage with other steroids (such as testosterone cypionate), the dosage is better discussed below. It should be noted, as said earlier, that dosage depends on the individual. In this case, the user should consider the following factors:

  • Level of experience;
  • Weight;
  • Ratio of muscle mass.


Turinabol Dosages

Turinabol dosage relies upon the drug user's motivation of utilisation. In general, the dose can be anything between 40 mg and 100 mg. Nonetheless, the following are the recommended dosages according to the user’s level:


Here we are referring to those who have never been involved in the anabolic cycle. For this level, the users still want their natural growth, so only a small boost is desired. Therefore, diet and training should be followed accordingly.

Dosage: 40 mg to 70 mg every day.


Here we are referring to someone who is familiar with the anabolic cycle. So, the body is already used to the steroid.

Dosage: 60 mg to 70 mg every day.


The Turinabol doses can be maintained as above—that is in accordance with level, either as a beginner or an experienced user. As the usage increase and much muscle growth is demanded, the dosage should be increased accordingly.

The muscle will notice a fundamental change in this dosage. However, this dosage needs to relate to factors such as weight, fat, etc. Turinabol doses can be high (as high 120 mg), but this is only recommended for experienced athletes or bodybuilders.

Dosage: 80 mg to 120 mg every day (for intermediate to expert bodybuilders).

Pro-Tip: Turinabol tablets are about 10 mg per one. Also, the body cannot tell the difference between 80 mg and 120 mg, so it is recommended to use as little as possible—as long it is between 80 mg and 120 mg.


Negative Side Effects List And How To Avoid Them

Good news: the negative effects of Turinabol pills are avoidable. The major and most significant of all Turinabol side effects is the cholesterol, but it can still be prevented with little effort. The cholesterol effect is minimal when Turinabol is used alone, but rather overwhelming when used with other steroids. For one, the use of other steroids along with the Oral Tbol usually have estrogenic and androgenic side effects. The further side effect can be cardiovascular, which has to do with the aforementioned cholesterol side effect.

Now, when all is said and done, you have to prevent the side effects related to cholesterol. To do this, your diet should include:

  • Fish oil supplements;
  • Fatty acid;
  • Other low cholesterol food.

In general, all Tbol side effects can be prevented by:

  • Using Turinabol alone, so with no other steroids;
  • Consuming less of saturated fat;
  • Doing some cardiovascular activities;
  • Consuming less of simple sugar.

Package 100 tablets (10 mg/tablet)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
Common name Oral Turinabol

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