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  • 50mg/ml Trenbolone Acetate;
  • 50mg/ml Trenbolone hexahydrobenzycarbonate;
  • 100mg/ml Trenbolone enanthate.

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If you've been around experienced users of these types of drugs, you may well have heard mention of a compound called Tri-Trenbolone.


This is a drug that is used amongst some more experienced users and can be appealing to those struggling with further advancing their movement towards their aims and objectives, that take these items in an attempt to maximise appearance or athletic capacity, due mainly to the novelty of combining four forms of the same basic chemical.


The further details concerning the products structure, as well as how it's used to elicit a given number of effects for the above purposes.


Buying Tri-Tren 200 used to be done through a large underground lab known as British Dragon, which was known for having first manufactured the item.  


However, with the shutdown of this company in the mid-noughties by legal forces, it has become increasingly difficult to gather this product, let alone at an affordable cost.


Fortunately, you can still find Tri-Trenbolone for sale from this site. Here, it can be acquired and paid for electronically, also with a range of other, similar items, making this site one of the best places to buy injectable steroids. Once requested, it can be brought out to an area of your choosing for a swift, affordable, and convenient inclusion into your regimen.

What is Tri-Trenbolone?

As mentioned above, Tri-Trenbolone is essentially a mixture of four types of the same active ingredient. The only distinction between each form is the chemical delivery agent that is attached to the main structure of each chemical.


That is to say, the basic structure is that of a 19-nortestosterone, meaning it has been altered from its parent chemical with the removal of a carbon atom from the 19th carbon point.


The mixture above would include three main variations on this item:


  • The acetate-attached form, of which 100 milligrams would be included - which is the fastest releasing form, with a peak in levels occurring in under 24 hours;
  • The hexahydrobenzylcarbonate-attached form, of which 50 milligrams would be included - which is the slowest releasing attachment, leading to a processing time of around 2 weeks;
  • The enanthate-attached form, of which 50 milligrams would be included - which is a more moderately-timed version of the other 2 forms listed above, lasting just under the 2 week mark.


This mixture of multiple chemicals with the same basic structure, but with different release agents is something that is done with other products.


However, due to the well-renowned nature of each of the above drugs on their own, it should be no surprise that the Tri-Tren 200 product can still be very popular amongst experienced users.

But, if you want to buy Tri-Trenbolone for aesthetic or competitive reasons, you should first be aware of how this product can be used for those purposes, as well as any perks or potential drawbacks of use, both of which are discussed in further detail below

How To Use?

Knowing how and when to implement Tri-Tren 200 to get the most out of its use for the above aims is key to ensuring effective and efficient use.


Firstly, the administration of this item would be no different than many other, similar products. Specifically, it would be given through intramuscular injections with sterile equipment, which would usually occur through common sites such as in the lateral deltoid muscle, located in the side of the shoulder, or in the gluteal muscles, located in the buttocks.


Meanwhile, in terms of when it used, Tri-Trenbolone would most commonly be applied during periods where the aim is either to preserve as much lean tissue as possible while also reducing overall size, or during periods where he aim is to accrue only lean tissue without a concurrent accumulation of fluid holding or adipose tissue storage.


During these periods, many users may also buy Primobolan depot or something similar in attempt to further augment their outcome. But, it should be noted that adding different chemicals to your regimen for concurrent use can make some adverse events more unpredictable.


These events, and the amount of this product that should be taken to elicit its impact, are reviewed further in the sections below.

Dosage Information

As already mentioned, the amount of Tri-Tren 200 is another important factor in attaining its perks, or experiencing its drawbacks.


This is especially important with this product, as it has gained notoriety for having greater unpredictability relative to its chemical counterparts.


Yet, the Tri-Trenbolone dosage would not be static across all individuals. More experienced users may need greater amounts than more inexperienced, or more sensitive users.


Meanwhile, females would be advised to completely avoid the use of this chemical, as they can very easily incur the adverse events discussed below.


It is also difficult to make a general guide from which to draw a dosage from due to a lack of research examining amounts for the above purposes.


But, for those who purchase Tri-Trenbolone 200 it may help to know that the most commonly utilized dose is between 150 to 300 milligrams weekly, with this dose split into one or two administrations for a period of around 8 to 12 weeks.

Positive and Side Effects of Tri-Trenbolone

As many readers will already know, there are a host of events associated with the use of this product that has made it so well known. These events should be fully understood if you want to get the most out of your use of the item.


The more favourable of the above Tri Trenbolone effects include:


  • The accrual of lean tissue, without the concurrent accumulation of adipose tissue or water weight;
  • A rise in the capacity for force and power expression;
  • A more rapid and greater recovery from strenuous training;
  • A rise in erythrocyte manufacturing, which could lead to a greater work capacity.


All of the above occur at a rate and magnitude greater than would be the case with training and nutrition alone, and even greater than would be the case if many other, similar agents were implemented.


Meanwhile, the Tri-Tren side effects can include:


  • Heart-related issues, like a less favourable blood lipid profile, heart enlargement, and a reduction in blood vessel flexibility;
  • Hepatic strain, due to the chemicals resistance to breakdown by the organ, which could lead to organ damage if used for an excessively long period of time;
  • Progestational issues, which could involve the development of gynecomastia, which may be mitigated by including an estrogen receptor blocker into your regimen, and issues with sexual performance;
  • Psycho Behavioural issues, such as mood swings, restlessness and paranoia, which could be due to neurodegeneration, which can be prevalent with this item's use;
  • Some unique events, such as shortness of breath and coughing after administration;
  • Skin-related issues, such as bouts of oily skin and acne, as well as the accelerated rate of balding in genetically at-risk populations;
  • A virilising impact on female users, which would involve larynx and clitoral enlargement, as well as a change in facial structure and accelerated rate of hair growth;
  • A reduction in the manufacturing of endogenous testosterone, which could lead to deficiency-related problems if not compensated for with exogenous supplementation with items like Testosterone propionate.


So, for those who are looking to buy Tri-Trenbolone online, all of the above events should be noted before its use to ensure that you get the most out of your regimen and take steps to make it as effective and tolerable as possible.  


It is also key for newcomers so that they can fully comprehend the underlying actions that could be associated with the regular inclusion of this chemical into their program for either fitness or appearance purposes.


Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer MR Pharmaceutical
Substance Blend of: Trenbolone Acetate 50 mg/ml; Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzycarbonate 50 mg/ml; Trenbolone Enanthate 100 mg/ml.
Common name Tri-Trenbolone

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