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What is Sustanon Used For?


Sustanon has been a very common addition to the regimens of many gym-goers and athletic individuals for a long time now.


Originating in the seventies, the chemical has been a mainstay in many programmes. The mix was marketed as offering relatively unique properties over its simpler counterparts.


But, for many newcomers to the use of chemicals for fitness and aesthetic purposes, they may find themselves asking the question, what is Sustanon?


This drug is actually a mixture of the testosterone chemical, with a number of different forms used, the only difference between the forms being a different chemical delivery agent attached to each of the ingredients.


The agents attached would include:


  • Propionate - a relatively fast-acting delivery agent, with a half-life of approximately 3-4 days;
  • Phenylpropionate - another quick-relase agent, but one  slightly slower than the above attachment, with a slightly longer half-life of 4-5 days;
  • Isocaproate - a more moderately paced release agent, with a half-life of 9 days;
  • Decanoate - the longest of all the included forms of the ingredients, with a half-life of 16-17 days.


The idea behind the including of the different forms of the parent ingredient is to facilitate multiple peaks of the drug in the body, which, in theory, should allow for more sustained benefits throughout its use while also reducing the necessary injection frequency.

Indeed, one of the only chemicals that would have a longer release time would be that of boldenone, which would have the undecylenate attachment (with a roughly 19 day half-life).

For this reason, the mixture is usually implemented in a regimen where the main objective is a steady and gradual accumulation of mass, which is discussed in further detail below.

Sustanon Cycle

As indicated above, the most common Sustanon cycle is one in which the drug is used to help the gradual accretion of size and force capacity. As stated, this is due to the chemical’s supposedly greater peaking and sustained processing within the body.


In these instances, many users may also combine the chemical with other products, such as those mentioned in the above section, in an attempt to further boost the desired outcome they receive from it's use.


However, Sustanon could also be used in rare occasions where the main aim is to maintain as much lean tissue as possible while also reducing overall weight.


Depending on the main objective, along with the gender and previous experience of the user, the Sustanon cycle dosage can vary widely.

While the optimal doses for each of these populations hasn't been well researched, there are some general guidelines that can be drawn based on reported uses and other studies done. These are discussed in detail below.

Sustanon Dosages For Beginners and Advanced Users

As already mentioned, the preferred Sustanon dosage for a given objective can change depending on the user.


As a general rule, female users should use a far lesser dose than male users, while more experienced users will need higher doses to elicit the same perks as beginner users.

So, there can be no single dosage of the chemical, as the doses of Sustanon will depend upon your own circumstances.


However, for beginner male users, a weekly or fortnightly 600 milligram dose (which could be found in 2 milliliter of mixed solution in the preparation above) would be adequate to reap the perks sought.

Advanced users may need to double this dose to elicit further progress, while females should use only a fraction of the dose with caution.


Unlike other injectable steroids, you will only need to take this mixture around twice to four times per month, in contrast to some preparations, which may require this amount of administrations in a single week.

This can help in minimizing some more unwelcome secondary events such as soreness, tenderness and injection site infections often experienced by those who take the higher frequency.

Main Benefits

As indicated in the above section, there are a range of Sustanon benefits that can prove useful for clinical and regular populations, including acting as the reasons as to why most of the above-mentioned populations use the preparation.

These Sustanon positive effects include:


  • A faster and greater accrual of mass than could be achieved through training and nutritional means alone;
  • A greater rate of recovery after strenuous exercise, which can allow for greater efforts and more frequent training that, again, could not be done without the drugs;
  • A rise in force and power capability, which can also boost speed and aid in athletic events;
  • A boost in erythrocyte manufacturing, which could improve work capacity;
  • A rise in bone density, which is elicited by a greater deposition and preservation of mineral content in the bone.

These perks of Sustanon are characteristic of any of its individual ingredients taken in  solitude and can act to help all of the above-mentioned people reach a wide range of fitness or health aims and prevent the stagnation of progress in more elite or experienced sportspeople.


However, for all the above perks of this chemical, there are a number of more unwanted events that are associated with the regular use of this drug. These will be discussed in further detail below.


Sustanon Side Effects

As already stated, while there are numerous perks to Sustanon, there are a number of potentially unwanted events that can occur with the regular, excessive, or irresponsible use of the chemical.


While the majority of these Sustanon side effects can be very manageable by accounting for the time of a given period of use, the amount taken throughout this period, and what is added to the combination of drugs you're using.


The potential side effects of Sustanon include:


  • The reduction of endogenous manufacturing of some chemicals - these include the testosterone in the body.


But, the amount taken in the solution will ensure no deficiency-related issues. But, these can still present themselves after the cessation of use if the correct measures are not taken.


The inclusion of antiestrogens and stimulant agents at the end of use can all help minimize these events.


  • A rise in water holding and a chance of gynecomastia (the development of tissue surrounding the breasts).


This is due to the partial processing of this mixture into estrogen, which can elicit the above impact.  


Unsurprisingly, an antiestrogen, or an aromatase-inhibiting agent can all help block this process from taking place.


  • An acceleration of the balding process in at-risk individuals, skin issues, such as oily skin and acne, and virilizing effects in women.


The inclusion of a 5-alpha-reductase blocker can again make a beneficial addition to your regime to help minimize these events from taking place.


  • Heart-related issues, which include a drop in blood vessel flexibility, a rise in heart size, and a less favourable blood lipid profile, along with higher blood pressure.

While these events do merit consideration, it should be mentioned that these are characteristic of almost all steroids that are taken in at these amounts. Nonetheless it is important for them to be factored into your decision to ensure that you make an informed choice and so you can then obtain the most beneficial outcome possible with their use.

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Sustanon 300 mg/ml
Common name Sustanon

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