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Hexarelin is a relatively specialized-type compound that is commonly used by advanced bodybuilders or experienced athletes. This chemical is a peptide hormone, meaning its composed of a unique set of amino acids, six to be exact, designating it as a hexapeptide.


The Hexarelin peptide works in the body by binding to receptors in the pituitary gland, known as Growth-Hormone-Secratogue-Receptors in the brain, to signal the release of Human Growth Hormone. This makes it part of a subgroup of drugs known as Growth-Hormone-Releasing-Hormones. These agents are used to boost Growth Hormone in the body without requiring external injection of Growth Hormone.


Due to the benefits of higher levels of Growth Hormone (i.e. reported better mood and recovery after training, higher rates of fat loss, and growth of the connective tissue like the tendons and ligaments), this makes these Growth-Hormone-Releasing-Hormones a popular choice among bodybuilders and athletes.


This is particularly true for those who don't have the funds to buy Growth Hormone (GH) directly, which can be very costly. Instead, many athletes and bodybuilders can buy Hexarelin and get the benefits of higher GH levels without the additional cost and inconvenience of administering GH directly.


However, as you may have guessed, it is impossible to get your hands on this item by just walking into a pharmacy or a clinic. While it may be available for some anti-aging treatments, it will be very difficult to get it as a healthy athlete.


As a result, you will likely have to buy Hexarelin online to use it in your diet. Further below, we discuss how you can do this. But first, we take a look at the possible benefits this compound can provide you.

Benefits and Positive Effects

The relatively unique chemical structure to the Hexarelin peptide means it has a few specialised benefits that give it great use in certain situations.


For example, one key factor which separates this form of Growth-Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GHRH) does not concurrently promote the increase of Ghrelin in the body with its use. This is particularly beneficial, as Ghrelin is known as the “hunger hormone” for its role in increasing hunger and eating behaviour on humans.


This means that you don't have to worry about higher hunger during cutting cycles when using Hexarelin peptide, making it the ideal form of GHRH to use during periods where fat loss is the overall goal, or during periods close to competition. It also seems to cause the greatest increase in GH when compared to other GHRHs.


Other than these unique benefits, the use of the Hexarelin 2mg will also provide all of the benefits of other GHRH compounds. Namely, an increase in Growth Hormone, and concurrent suppression of a hormone known as Somatostatin, which is a Growth-Hormone-Inhibiting-Hormone, act to block the release of GH in the body.


All of these can help give you the benefits of improved recovery from tough training, an increased connective tissue growth (which can help reduce injury risk), and a higher rate of fat loss. Meanwhile, Hexarelin also appears to have a protective effect on the heart by helping maintain cell health and function in the cardiac tissues of the heart. All of these make for a very beneficial item to include in your next cycle.

Hexarelin Dosage Information

The Hexarelin dosage and cycle in which it is best suited are the two next most important factors to consider when looking at including this item in your diet.


While this is a relatively diverse compound and can have a place in multiple types of cycle, its unique group of benefits means it’s best suited for cutting cycles.


Here, it's non-existent impact on hunger hormones, higher release of GH, and potentially greater impact on recovery and fat loss, will be at its most useful, due to restricted food intake and potentially more strenuous training in preparation for a competition.


The use of Hexarelin in bodybuilding may also be useful to use during transitional or off-season periods where chemical supplementation is occurring.


Regardless, the dose of the Hexarelin used will still be key in obtaining its beneficial effects, and avoiding any unwanted adverse effects.


The most commonly reported dose of the compound, that has shown beneficial results in research, is 2-3mcg of the hormone for every kilogram of bodyweight each day (i.e. 140-210 mcg per day for a 70 kg individual).


Higher doses have shown thus far no additional benefit, meaning a Hexarelin 2mg like the one sold here, should last for about 100 doses.


Although, it should be noted that, in terms of length of use, it seems to be a period where the positive impact of the agent disappears after about 16 weeks or so. Therefore, for maximum efficiency, ensure you incorporate this product into your diet at the right time.

Undesirable Side Effects

With regard to adverse effects, the Hexarelin 2mg formula is one of the most user-friendly compounds for athletes or bodybuilders.


The main, specific, Hexarelin side effects include a rise in Cortisol (known as the “stress hormone”), which can increase inflammation, reduce muscle growth, and increase fat storage.


It may also increase levels in the hormone Prolactin, which increases the risk of the development of excessive breast tissue in men, known as gynecomastia.


However, it's important to note that both of the above-mentioned side effects are mild in nature and shouldn’t impact your results to a large degree. Nevertheless though, they should be looked out for and considered when buying Hexarelin.

Hexarelin vs Ipamorelin vs GHRP 6

As stated above, Hexarelin is not the only GHRH available. As such, there are a few similar compounds that are often used for similar goals, like this item.  


These include Ipamorelin and GHRP-6. So, how does Hexarelin compare?


Well, firstly, GHRP-6 works by mimicking the hormone Ghrelin, meaning it will cause an increase in hunger. Ipamorelin, on the other hand, seems to have little impact on Ghrelin, and is the most side effects friendly version, but it's also the mildest in terms of GH release, and is the least researched for humans.


Also, it should be noted that Hexarelin results seem to induce higher increases in GH than the other two in the list. This, along with the other benefits, will likely make Hexarelin the preferred choice for most bodybuilders and athletes, especially those undergoing a phase of training for fat loss or those getting close to a competition.

How To Buy Hexarelin?

As stated above, the Hexarelin peptide will prove very difficult to acquire for young and healthy athletes. It can also be expensive if you're getting it from a conventional pharmacy.


Therefore, your best bet is to get it from either an underground dealer, which can be highly unreliable and costly, or get it from a trusted online vendor.


You can buy Hexarelin from online sellers, such as this website, quickly and easily, and have it delivered right to your door in only a few weeks, depending on where you're located. Simply place your order and put in your desired amount, specify where you’d like the product sent to, and make a payment electronically. Then just wait for it to arrive.

Package 1 vial (2 mg/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Examorelin
Common name Hexarelin

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