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2 x 5000iu HCG PREGNYL MR PHARMA. Water for reconstitution not supplied.

What is HCG Pregnyl Injection?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a popularly utilized compound in both medical and recreational settings for a range of perks and outcomes. The reason for this is that the use of this agent can mimic the impact of Luteinizing Hormone, or LH, in the body.


Otherwise known as Pregnyl, using this item can encourage the body to produce endogenous manufacturing of testosterone. In medical circles, it may also be used to initiate ovulation due to its above-mentioned impact in mimicking LH.


However, the more relevant use of formulas such as HCG Pregnyl 5000 IU are for more recreational purposes, such as the boosting of endogenous testosterone manufacturing during a given period of training or use of other drugs, or to encourage manufacturing thereafter in order to boost the rate of recovery and reduce the odds of unwanted events.


These purposes are discussed in further detail in the sections below.

What is Pregnyl Used For?

As indicated above, the use of a Pregnyl injection has many places in both medical and recreational or competitive settings, the latter of which is what will be discussed in more detail here.


As the use of HCG was found to be beneficial to rising endogenous chemical levels in those deficient, it soon began use by many aesthetic and competitive athletes as a means of boosting testosterone further without deficiency. This was done in an effort to gently rise levels of the chemical in order to achieve possible perks, including a greater level of lean tissue and a higher rate of adipose tissue breakdown.


It also began more popular inclusion for periods immediately following the use of other, more potent drugs. The reason for this was that the implementation of the former chemicals could cause a drastic reduction or even cessation of endogenous manufacturing of certain hormones.


This drop can lead to unwanted events like greater adipose tissue gain, larger fluid retention, and even a change in mood. So, by using a human chorionic gonadotropin injection, users hope to encourage a more rapid recovery to normal hormone manufacturing and a minimization of the above-discussed adverse events. Below, we’ll take a look at the amounts that are commonly taken for different goals and purposes.

HCG Pregnyl Dosage for: PCT, Weight Loss, Bodybuilding

PCT (Post-Cycle Therapy)

As discussed above, perhaps the most common intention of those who buy human chorionic gonadotropin is to implement it into a program that will aid the normal recuperation to average endogenous hormone output following the use of potent anabolic substances.


This program is known more commonly as Post-Cycle Therapy. This is carried out in an effort to avoid the unwanted events talked about in the previous section and to help lay a good foundation for the next period of drug use by helping the gains made in the previous one to become more sustainable and carry over to the next phase.


The most common amount used in this phase is 1,500 to 4,000IU per 3 to 4 days for a period of 2-3 weeks after cessation of use.


This is usually combined with a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) in order to block the impact of estrogen on the body and further augment the recovery of normal endogenous testosterone production.

Weight or Fat Loss

While the use of HCG immediately after a period of chemical enhancement is the most common, some of those who purchase HCG Pregnyl do so in order to help themselves augment their leanness by accelerating adipose tissue breakdown.


This is done through the chemicals impact on testosterone levels.


Here, users may commonly implement amounts of around 250IU per 4 to 5 days while implementing a diet that leaves the user in a caloric deficit during a period of drug use.


The final of the most common uses indicated above includes the use of a formula like the above Pregnyl 5000IU preparation as a means to keep endogenous hormone content stable during a period of drug use.


Here, the same 250IU amount would be implemented every 4 to 5 days during the phase of use. This would naturally be accompanied by the concurrent use of the primary anabolic chemicals.

Side Effects Information

While there are a number of potential perks to the use of this ergogenic aid, there are some possible, although somewhat unlikely, Pregnyl side effects that should be considered when getting the agent. These can include:


  • Fluid retention and the chance of excess tissue development around the nipple area, known as gynecomastia;
  • Desensitization of the leydig cells in the testes, which could result in a permanent damage of the cells and reduced or ceased hormonal output;
  • Common issues with administration, including injection site soreness and possible infection if not administered properly.


While rare, you should still take caution when using this agent that you don’t encounter these events in order to ensure you have an enjoyable and effective experience.

How to Buy HCG Pregnyl

Unfortunately, despite its wide range of uses, it is almost impossible to acquire it without prior acquisition of a medical prescription. Fortunately, it is possible to get it through an online vendor such as this site, where it can quickly and easily be dispatched upon your order.


Here, you can get your hands on Pregnyl 5000 above by simply requesting the item above, along with your desired amount, and making a payment electronically. Then, it will be sent out to you within a few weeks, depending on where you’re situated. This offers a far more convenient, expedient, and beneficial means of acquisition for those in recreational circles who are looking for a good way to help their recuperation process immediately following the use of certain drugs and related agents.


So, if you’re looking to get this item, but aren’t sure of what avenue to pursue, online vendors such as this site can be considered.

Package 2 vials (5000 iu/vial)
Manufacturer MR Pharma
Substance Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
Common name HCG, Pregnyl

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