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Dianabol (DBol): General Information

Many individuals in sporting circles who have utilised chemical assistance in order to augment their capabilities may already have heard of Dianabol.


That is because this is one of a select few of these types of chemicals that were specifically engineered for this purpose. It is also one of the first developed for this nature in the western world. Its development came from Dr. Friedrich Ziegler for  use in sporting circles.


From a structural standpoint, DBol pills are changed through the addition of a double bond between the first and second carbon points, as well as the joining of a methyl chemical group at the seventeenth carbon point at the alpha position.

This means that they have a slightly higher potency than their unaltered parent compound and have a slightly more tolerable nature compared to some of its chemical cousins.


Naturally, this means that there will be a number of preferred Dianabol uses for those in both sporting and aesthetic circles. This will also be the case for relative newcomers to the use of these agents versus more experienced practitioners. These uses are discussed in further detail below.


Predictably though, it is almost impossible to get Dianabol tablets from conventional avenues like pharmacies in many countries due to heavy regulations on these types of chemicals.


Fortunately, you can still obtain this product in a quick and easy fashion from this site. Here, it can be acquired, and paid for electronically, before being brought to you within a few weeks.


This avenue is also more cost-friendly than many other alternative avenues that many looking for these products for the above purposes may pursue, such as underground dealers.

Dianabol Cycle Guide for Beginners and Advanced Users

For those who are relatively new to the use of these products, a Dianabol cycle is a term used to describe a period of drug use where this chemical is included. It can also be used to define an overall goal for which that certain product is included in a regimen.


In most cases, this use will be combined with a range of other chemicals that will all be used concurrently. Something that is known as a stack and is a practice used in an attempt to magnify the outcome of the use of these substances more than would be possible if any one of them was used in solitude.


A commonly reported combination would be that of Dianabol use alongside testosterone and nandrolone.


It is also most common to use this during phases where the overall objective is to accrue as much lean mass, as well as its associated benefits to force and power output, as possible.


In fact, the use of a DBol only cycle may not only be less common but also impractical, as exogenous supplementation of testosterone at the least would be needed so as to offset deficiency-related issues, an issue which is discussed more below.


In terms of length, a commonly reported length would be around 6 to 8 weeks, but this may be extended slightly by some users.


In any case, another issue of vital consideration is the amount of the chemical being taken throughout a given cycle. So, for this reason, the Dianabol doses for bodybuilding and athletic prowess improvement are reviewed below.

Dianabol Dosages For Bodybuilders and Athletes

As mentioned, the Dianabol dosage  is a key factor when trying to reap as much benefit from the use of the chemical as possible.


However, despite its importance in this regard, there is no conclusive, overall amount for every type of user.


This is because the amount of DBol needed for the optimum effect will change depending on factors like sensitivity to the drugs impact, gender, and prior history of use of these types of chemicals.


For example, while a general guide on how much of this substance to take for aesthetic or fitness-based purposes could be between 15 milligrams and 30 milligrams taken daily, based on the most commonly reported dose, this can change.


Females, and even more sensitive male users would likely need to use a lower amount, with often skewing their dose as low as 2.5 milligrams to 5 milligrams daily. This is to try and avoid some of the female-specific issues associated with use of these items, which are also reviewed below.


While these will all provide an effective means of boosting size, it will still take some time. Fortunately you can buy Anadrol at this page if you're a more experienced user who is looking for a larger outcome faster.

Dianabol Side Effects: Full List from MusclesFax

While the perks of using this product are evident from reviewing the above sections, and while this is a relatively more tolerable chemical than some of its counterparts, there are some side effects of dianabol that are still likely enough to merit review and consideration.

Some common Dianabol negative effects can include:


  • Heart-related issues, such as a less favourable blood lipid profile, higher blood pressure, heart enlargement, and stiffer blood vessels;
  • Estrogen-related events, which can involve accentuated adipose tissue and fluid build-up, as well as development of excess tissue around the nipple area (gynecomastia);
  • Skin-related issues, such as bouts of oily skin and acne, as well as a quicker rate of balding in at-risk people;
  • A virilising impact on female users, which can include both larynx and clitoral enlargement, as well as a change in facial structure and accelerated hair growth;
  • A drop, or cessation, of endogenous manufacturing of testosterone, which may lead to deficiency-related problems if not compensated for with exogenous supplementation, necessitating the concurrent use explained above.


It should be noted that some of the above events, such as the estrogen-related issues, are milder than many similar agents. The same can be said of the skin-related issues.


These can also be mitigated to some extent with estrogen receptors or aromatase blockers, which is why many people buy nolvadex online, as well as other ancillary agents that can easily be included into a given regimen in order to reduce or stop some of the above events from occurring and allowing a more tolerable and enjoyable program.  

Package 50 tablets (20 mg/tablet)
Manufacturer MR Pharmaceutical
Substance Metandienone, Methandienone, Methandrostenolone
Common name Dianabol, Dbol

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