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Boldenone (Equipoise): General Info

The Boldenone (Equipoise) drug has been a well-renowned and commonly implemented chemical for the last half a century. Indeed, this is a product that has an established history of being used by a range of famous competitive personalities.


Perhaps ironically, it is also a chemical that was originally engineered for implementation with animals - more specifically horses - and was never initially intended for human use, recreational, competitive or otherwise.


From a structural perspective, the Boldenone chemical differs from its parent compound by the addition of a double bond at the first and second carbon points, which gives it some of its more unique and favourable effects when compared to some of its chemical counterparts.


From an operational standpoint, the product exerts its impact on the body through much the same mechanism as its counterparts, through combining with androgen receptors at the cell and eliciting a cascade of molecular signalling, which then leads to its subsequent events.


The use of Equipoise could occur in both experienced users of these items, and with relative newcomers. However, it is important to fully understand this item and how its use could impact you before acquiring it for your own regimen. Below, we review these factors in more detail.


How To Use Boldenone?

Finding the best Boldenone use for you will depend on comprehending the events that the use of the drug can elicit.


The main perks of using this chemical include:


  • A quicker and greater accrual of lean tissue;
  • A higher capacity for force and power expression;
  • A greater manufacturing of erythrocytes in the body, which could then lead to a higher capacity for work.


The changes that are made to the structure of Boldenone mean it has a lower partial processing of the chemical into estrogen and a lower androgen profile.


This means that will not elicit as quick an accrual of size as some other agents, but also means that it will cause a lower amount of water holding and adipose tissue deposition with its use, meaning lean mass accretion will be more efficient.


While it may not be as low as products like Primobolan Enanthate, the lower profile of both of the above factors, along with its relative potency, makes it a popular addition to periods of use where the overall aim is to gradually accrue lean tissue, with as little concurrent accumulation of water or adipose tissue as possible.

Equipoise is also usually used in tandem with other items in an attempt to maximise the outcome of the use, the most commonly reported length of which would usually be 8 weeks or greater.


In terms of administration, the way this item is taken is similar to most other, similar items from these types of drugs.


This is through an intramuscular injection, the most common sites of which would be the lateral deltoid muscle located in the side of the shoulder, and the gluteal muscles, which are located in the buttocks.


With the knowledge of the best implementation of this item, this should allow you to get the most efficient outcomes from its inclusion in your regimen and minimize unwanted events from occurring in tandem.


But, another important factor to consider is how much of the item is taken. This is reviewed in depth below.


Boldenone (Equipoise) Dosages

As mentioned already, the Boldenone dosage is a key factor in attaining the perks associated with its use while also mitigating some of its potential downsides.


But selecting the right amount to use can be tricky, as the dose that will elicit an optimal outcome, while minimizing any unwanted events, can change according to factors such as gender or previous experience using these types of drugs.


The most commonly reported of the Boldenone doses include between 200 to 400 milligrams weekly, with only one administration being needed each week to achieve maximal levels in the body, due to the very slow-releasing nature of the undecylenate attachment, which has a half-life of around 14 days.


However, it may be necessary for more experienced users to skew their doses towards the higher range of the amount provided above, or even exceed it in order to further their progress due to a higher number of androgen receptors in their body from previous use.


Meanwhile, more sensitive, or inexperienced, individuals may serve well with a lower amount. Women, on the other hand, are advised to avoid using Equipoise, with a maximum amount of 50-75 mg weekly dose, and instead look at milder alternatives, as they are more susceptible to some of the negative concurrent events listed below.

Side Effects List

While there are a number of perks associated with the use of this product, there are a range of Boldenone side effects that should also be noted before acquiring the item and implementing it into your regimen. The potential negative effects of Boldenone can involve:


  • Heart-related issues: these would include a less favourable blood lipid profile, heart enlargement, higher blood pressure and a reduction in blood vessel flexibility;
  • Estrogen-related issues: while the chances of these occurrences are lower than its parent chemical, these could involve a higher degree of water holding and adipose tissue storage, as well as the development of tissue around the nipple (gynecomastia);
  • Skin-related issues: these would involve bouts of oily skin and acne, as well as an accelerated rate of balding in at-risk individuals, which also cannot be significantly mitigated by the inclusion of a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor, as with similar items;
  • A virilizing impact on female users: this would include an enlarging of the larynx, leading to a throatier voice, as well as enlargement of the clitoris, accelerated hair growth, and a change in facial structure;
  • A drop, or cessation of endogenous manufacturing of testosterone - this could lead to deficiency-related problems if not compensated for with an exogenous supplementation regime, which is discussed further below.


All the above issues should be considered when looking at getting Boldenone. But, it should also be noted that some can be managed by the inclusion of ancillary agents, like an estrogen receptor blocker.


What To Add To Get Better Results?

As indicated above, there may be a necessity to add some other chemicals into your regimen for concurrent use with this item, the combination of which would then be known as a Boldenone stack.


The most commonly used mix would be the addition of Equipoise to testosterone enanthate or cypionate for a gradual rise in lean mass. It may also sometimes be utilized during periods of weight reduction and lean tissue retention alongside items like trenbolone or stanozolol.


All of these may help boost the outcome of Boldenone use, but can also make some of the above-mentioned events more unpredictable. So, the addition of other items with this one should be done with care.


Nevertheless, the inclusion of multiple products into a given program emphasises the importance of being able to acquire cheap steroids from vendors such as this one in order to create a cost-efficient protocol that will help you further progress towards your goals. 

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer MR Pharmaceutical
Substance Boldenone Undecylenate 400 mg/ml
Common name Boldenone, Equipoise

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