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Buy Boldenone (Equipoise): Guaranteed Quality


Boldenone is a very well-used item in most athletic circles, and you may have even heard of it previously.


This is because it is a common inclusion in the regimen of individuals who are looking to gradually accrue size.


This drug is changed from its parent chemical by the addition of a double carbon bond between the first and second carbon point, which provides it with its unique processing in the body and subsequent impact.


So, another reason for many people looking at buying Equipoise is a friendlier profile from an adverse effect standpoint.


Basically, many people will buy Boldenone online to include in their regimen because it is a more tolerable alternative to other drugs that have a similar impact. It also lasts longer within the system than nearly any other, related chemical, making it more comfortable to administer too.


However, as the name implies, this item was originally designed for veterinary use, with administration to horses being the most common. For this reason, it is largely unavailable to the general public, much like its counterparts.


This means that, if you're looking for this, or similar items, for fitness use your best option is to buy steroids online.


This will allow you to get a better price, and usually a higher quality product, than if you pursued the drug through other avenues, such as acquiring it through an underground dealer.


Benefits and Side Effects

As talked about above, Boldenone is a common and somewhat unique item, that is generally used when the overarching goal is to get bigger.


But, whether you're a first-time buyer or an experienced user, you should have a full understanding of exactly what the perks and drawbacks of using this product are.


The more positive impacts of this chemical include:


  • Accelerated size accretion;
  • Improved power and force capacity, which can lead to better speed and performance;
  • Faster recovery from strenuous exercise;
  • Higher erythrocyte manufacturing, which could translate into a higher work capacity.


As mentioned, these effects occur over a longer period of time compared with similar drugs, due to the chemical release agent undecylenate that's added to Equipoise. So, this means a lower injection frequency (only once per 3-4 weeks) is required, making its inclusion in a regimen more pleasant.


While the above help explain why this chemical is commonly used, those who are looking to purchase Boldenone should also be made aware of some of its more unattractive events. These can include:


  • Water holding and gynecomastia. Although this effect is only about half that of its parent chemical, it still occurs through the drug’s partial conversion to estrogen;
  • Heart-related issues, which include higher blood pressure and a less favourable cholesterol profile, although this impact is less profound here than with other drugs;
  • Accelerated baldness in at-risk individuals, skin issues, and virilization in women, caused by the processing of the chemical to dihydroboldenone, which again has a comparatively lesser effect than similar products, but is still present and cannot be prevented with a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor as with other items;
  • Reduction of endogenous hormone output, which is common in any of these chemicals, and advises the addition of a testosterone supplement protocol to prevent deficiency-related problems.


How To Buy Boldenone (Equipoise) Online

Now that the potential impact of Boldenone has been discussed, we can now talk about how you can buy Boldenone for the above purposes.


As stated in the previous section, the best option for most people is simply to buy Equipoise online, as the multitude of online reviews and competition sites help ensure a better price and a higher quality product.

For convenience’s sake, it is also preferable, as many can also buy Trenbolone Enanthate or related products for the combined use with this item during periods of size accretion, or fat loss. 

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Boldenone Undecylenate 250 mg/ml
Common name Equipoise

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