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What Is Anavar (Oxandrolone)

Oxandrolone is classified as an anabolic steroid (synthetic). Some people may not recognise it right away unless they hear the market name Anavar. The product is not a new chemical substance since it was already distributed in the market over five decades ago by a small company called Seare Laboratories. You might know it now by its new name Pfizer Inc. You can buy Anavar tablets via online distributors and you can do so even without a prescription. There are also creams, product capsules or injectables.

What is it Used for in Bodybuilding?

Anavar in bodybuilding is very popular because it’s known as a very safe steroid, all things considered. For competitive sports, this chemical compound, which is classified as PEDs, can still be detected for about a month so better be careful, especially if Anavar is included in the list of banned substances. Oxandrolone will continue to be active up to 12 hours.

Anavar is known as a cutting substance and an effective drug for weight loss, much like clenbuterol. However, buying clenbuterol tablets is very difficult because it’s only sold in the US for veterinarians to be prescribed as a treatment for horses. In some cases, this is also used to treat asthma.

As a steroid, it is relatively safe. Women bodybuilders can use as much as 10 milligrams a day while for men, you can start at 30 milligrams each day if you are a beginner. You can double the dose for a more potent effect.  It must be said, however, that you can safely take as much as 100 milligrams each day for this compound.

This chemical was first introduced to treat people with muscle atrophy. Pretty soon, the commercial appeal of its ability to grow muscles and, more importantly, to retain them, was recognised by bodybuilders.

Anavar Cycle

If you are looking to grow muscles fast, look elsewhere. Being a mild steroid, it takes a lot of dosages for Anavar to achieve the same results that other steroids in the market would have done in less time. This is why it’s typically used during the weight loss phase or cutting process because it retains the lean muscle tissue and at the same time, boosts metabolism. Advanced bodybuilders will notice harder and drier muscles during the Anavar cycle length of 60 milligrams to 80 milligrams taken daily in six to eight weeks. Nevertheless, along with the weight loss, you will notice a lighter wallet considering the expensive cost of Oxandrolone, which will set you back two bucks for every 10-milligram tablet. If you do bulk up, you can expect more lean muscle than anything else. Another advantage is non-aromatising properties of Anavar so you don’t have to be too concerned about growing breasts.

In fact, this product is more tailor-fitted for women who want to bulk up, although virilisation is a possibility due to the androgens being produced on hyperdrive. If there are side effects, women may experience abnormal hair growth, severe acne, deepening of the voice, and shifting sex drive. However, these are very rare occurrences and if they do occur, it’s almost always linked to irresponsible use. At the most, women who want to bulk or cut need 20 milligrams. But they can actually take just 10 milligrams a day and still be fine with their target. Of course, if you notice any of the negative side effects of Anavar pills, you should stop taking them without delay.

Cycle for Beginners

Even celebrities have discovered the fat-burning abilities of Anavar. Just don’t expect the same results as buying clenbuterol tablets, however. Both steroids can be used as a weight loss tool and still be effective even without the benefits of exercise.  The best Anavar cycle for beginners is somewhere between 30 milligrams to 40 milligrams per day for as much as 12 weeks, although 8 to 10 weeks is the median cycle period. This is a fast-acting agent and people who use it typically report of gains in the first week or so.

Anavar Dosages

Anavar dosages are not black and white. They will depend on your training, your constitution, and your desired results. It’s recommended that you join community forums and ask people who experienced some success in using it. Your local gym is also a rich resource of information and chances are you will stumble upon somebody who can provide you with the correct recommendation of Oxandrolone dosage based on your build, experience and how you fare on the weighing scale.

You may find it quite easy to buy Anavar pills online, and finding somebody who has done it makes it even easier because they already established contact with the online distributor. To recap, Anavar doses may range between 10 milligrams and as much as 100 milligrams. You can try to max out and still escape with hardly any side effects. The trick is trying to find the right balance, especially if you stack it with other steroids to get superior results.

Stacking Anavar Pills

Again, for women, you can take Anavar alone and still get the desired bulk or cut. It’s not so for men. This is why it’s important that you stack it with other anabolics to boost the effects. Based on several testimonies, stacking Oxandrolone with injectable testosterone like enanthate or propionate seems to be a good route.

That’s not to say, however, that users have not stacked Anavar pills with clenbuterol (a popular weight loss substance for celebrities) or Masteron to cut and retain dry muscles. They swear by the results although there’s really no study that affirms the effectivity of this method. That only speaks to the versatility of Anavar more than anything else.

Anavar Side Effects

To be clear, you can’t buy any anabolic product on the market today that doesn’t manifest any side effects. That’s why you always have to weigh the Anavar side effects against all the distinct gains. As steroids go, Oxandrolone is very mild. You can’t expect water retention or perhaps, any symptom of gynecomastia (swelling breast tissue for men), which is the best news so far. As bodybuilders know, many of the negative side effects of anabolics can be traced to their aromatising properties, when the testosterone is transformed into estrogen. Since Anavar has no aromatisation, you will likely finish the Anavar cycle length virtually unscathed.

With that said, you can see the full list of side effects below:

  • Nausea;
  • Headaches;
  • Vomiting;
  • Hair loss;
  • Severe acne;
  • Changes in skin color;
  • Oily skin.

Men and women also report of changes in their sexual drives, although the results vary. Some women say their sexual urges have increased, while male users have reported decreased libido. Sperm count can also be an issue, but you can take Vitamin C and zinc to reduce the chance of that happening. Talk to your doctor about fertility drugs if this is a concern. Again, the chances are very low, so you don’t have to worry too much about it. Increased blood pressure can also be expected so better make sure the Anavar doses will not put your health at risk.

For women, the chance of virilisation is very low and it only happens if they exceed the recommended Oxandrolone dosage of between 10 milligrams and 20 milligrams. If you happen to notice enlarged clitoris or your menstrual period skipping a cycle, not to worry since they would return to normal by just stopping the medication. Allergic reactions as a result of taking Anavar pills are extremely rare.

Package 100 tablets (10 mg/tablet)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Oxandrolone
Common name Anavar

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