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Anadrol is a well-renowned drug amongst those who use it to boost their aesthetic and even their force capabilities, particularly if they are doing so in a quick fashion. This is because it has become well known as a very potent and fast-acting agent. Many may even argue that it is one of the fastest acting substances available in these circles.


As such, the item is often favoured by the more experienced in these circles as a means to continue progress throughout their respective tenures in their activities. But, sometimes it’s used by newcomers pursuing very rapid outcomes or to supplement a very potent combination of drugs.


The more technically-minded term for the agent is Oxymetholone, which is given its name due to it's structure. From this standpoint, the chemical is basically an offshoot of the DHT chemical, with a few changes made. These alterations include the joining of a methyl chemical group at the seventeenth carbon point upon the alpha position and an addition of a 2-hydroxymethylene chemical group.


Both of these act to raise the agent's potency, and subsequent impact, when taken, giving it it's renowned fast-paced actions.


This gives the item a preferred set of uses, which are examined in further detail in the section below.


Uses in Bodybuilding

Anadrol tablets can often be used as a type of “kickstarter”, meaning they are used to accelerate progress at the start of a given period of use of these types of items, and are often combined with other, similar, products in an attempt to get the best outcome out of their use.


Another one of the most common Anadrol uses is to break through any stagnation in training, which may occur in more experienced or advanced individuals.


Regardless of its planned use, the length of which Anadrol is included in a given regimen should always be relatively brief, due to some of the effects it can elicit with excessive or prolonged use.


These events, both favourable and unfavourable, associated with the use of Oxymetholone for aesthetic or fitness boosting purposes, will be discussed further in the below sections. But first, it is important to know the most common programmes of which this product is usually a part.


Anadrol Cycle

An Anadrol cycle is a term used to describe a period of drug use where this item is included. As stated, this is usually done alongside the inclusion of other products.


Because of a high emphasis on mass accrual, both through the rise of lean tissue, as well as adipose tissue and fluid build-up, the most common form of Oxymetholone use would be during periods where the overall aim is to accrue as much size, and associated fitness capabilities such as force capacity, as possible in as little time as would be expected.


What To Stack for Better Results?

As suggested above, an Anadrol cycle stack would be one that would emphasise the accretion of as much mass as possible.


As such, other potent agents would be included alongside this one in an effort to optimize outcomes. Drugs like Testosterone Enanthate, or the Propionate version, would be utilised, with other potential items like Dianabol or forms of nandrolone-based agents.


However, regardless of what else is used, it may be preferable that your Anadrol cycle length doesn't exceed between 6 and 8 weeks in order to avoid some of the potential unwanted concurrent events that may occur with prolonged use. These are discussed in further depth in the below sections.


First though, it is important to know how much of the agent would need to be taken to elicit a desirable impact on your goals.


Anadrol (Oxymetholone) Dosages

As with many other, similar, items, the Anadrol dosage that may be needed to elicit the optimal response would differ based on the user's gender, previous experience with these types of chemicals, and their susceptibility to its impact, both favourable and unfavourable.


The most commonly reported Anadrol doses can fall between 25 to 150 milligrams daily, with more experienced users likely needing to skew towards the upper threshold of this amount, while more sensitive, or new, individuals may need to aim towards the lower end.


Meanwhile, females would be advised to avoid the use of Oxymetholone due to the high probability of experiencing some of the female-specific events described below.

Anadrol Side Effects List

As indicated previously, while it is a potent and rapid acting agent, there are a number of Anadrol side effects present with its use for fitness or appearance related purposes.


The potential drawbacks of Oxymetholone use include:


  • Heart-related issues like a less favourable blood lipid profile, heart enlargement and reduced blood vessel flexibility;
  • Hepatic strain, which can lead to organ damage if carried on long enough;
  • Skin issues like oily skin and acne, as well as faster balding in at-risk people;
  • A virilising impact on female users, which may include clitoral and larynx enlargement, as well as facial changes and higher hair growth;
  • A drop, or cessation, of endogenous manufacturing of testosterone, Which can lead to deficiency-related issues if not compensated for by exogenous supplementation.


The above issues are all worth due consideration when looking to get Anadrol tablets and planning their use.


But, it should also be mentioned that many of the above events can also be prevalent when you purchase injectable steroids of any kind.


So, if you're looking at getting steroids from here, be sure to factor in the above information and do your due diligence before each acquisition.


Once the decision is made to get this and other product though, the consequent actions are straightforward. Simply request the item and make a payment electronically before allocating where you would like the item brought.


Then, depending on where you are, it should be brought out to your desired area within a matter of a few weeks. It can then start being included into your programme for you to make further headway towards your aims. This allows an easy means of getting a cost-friendlier item than might be anticipated of the same product was acquired from sources like a dealer, which may be unreliable and costly.


This is because the immense competition from opposing sites, as well as the phenomenon of independent review boards found on the web, all help offer lower costs and greater consistency and reliability when making these items and providing them to you.

Package 50 tablets (50 mg/tablet)
Manufacturer MR Pharmaceutical
Substance Oxymetholone
Common name Anadrol, Anapolon

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