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Pharmaceutical Name: Methenolone

Chemical Name: 17 beta-hydroxy-1-methyl-5 alpha-androst-1-en-3-one

Chemical Formula: C20H30O2

Molecular Weight of Base: 302.4558

Molecular Weight of Acetate Ester (oral): 60.0524

Molecular Weight of Enanthate Ester (injectable): 130.1864

Active Life of Oral: 4-6hrs

Active Life of Injectable: 10-14 days

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Those who have spent a lot of time around people who are looking to maximize their aesthetic, or those who are participating in competitive events in different activities, may have heard mention of a product known as Primobolan Depot.


This is especially the case if this time has been spent around them during periods of weight loss or particularly near to an event.


This is because those who buy Primobolan Depot are most likely getting the item to help them preserve as much lean tissue as can be hoped for while they are undergoing a period of overall size loss.


In less common cases, it has also been reported to be used to very gradually accrue size with minimal concurrent accumulation of adipose tissue or water.  


However, despite the above uses, it is very difficult to locate Primobolan Depot for sale from expected vendors such as pharmacies and other, similar, medical facilities. This is due to the heavy regulations surrounding the acquisition of these types of chemicals by the general public.


For this reason, if you are interested in acquiring the above product, and others like it, you may want to look at how to buy steroids at MusclesFax, so you can get an accessible and affordable means of acquiring the items you want to include in your regimen to help further your progress towards your fitness or aesthetic aims.


How To Use and How To Avoid Side Effects?

Primobolan is a relatively mild for these types of drugs. Due to its relatively lighter potency, it is used more commonly in the above mentioned periods, where lean tissue preservation is the aim, than during periods where the goal is the maximum accrual of size in as short a timespan as possible.


But, as stated, when you're looking to very slowly build lean tissue, it may have some perks here as well.


In either case, the impact of the drug is experienced through the same administration. That is to say, usually through an intramuscular injection with a sterile syringe.


This can occur in many different sites, but the most commonly reported are through the lateral deltoid muscle, located at the side of the shoulder, or in the gluteal muscles, which are located in the buttocks.


Primobolan Depot then exerts its impact by the active ingredient in the solution processing in the body and binding to androgen receptors at the cell, to cause a molecular signalling cascade that elicits the beneficial events that it's known for, like:


  • Quicker and larger accumulation of lean tissue;
  • Greater capacity for force and power production;
  • A greater rate and magnitude of recovery from strenuous exercise;
  • A higher rate of erythrocyte manufacturing, which could benefit work capacity.


But, while the downsides to the use of this agent are less likely, and lesser in amount, than many of its counterparts, it use can still elicit events like:


  • A reduction, or complete cessation of endogenous manufacturing of testosterone, which can cause deficiency-related issues if not compensated for with exogenous supplementation;
  • Skin issues, such as oily skin and acne, although this is less likely and lower in potency than with other, stronger chemicals;
  • Heart-related issues, which can involve a less favourable blood lipid profile, reduced blood vessel flexibility, and heart enlargement;
  • A masculinising impact on female users, which can mean larynx and clitoral enlargement, accelerated hair growth, and a change in facial features, again though, this is much less likely with a given dose and milder than with other, similar, products.

Its also important to note that, when buying Primobolan Depot, the above, undesirable events, can be minimized by being conservative with dosage, discussed below, and being cautious when adding other products to your regime to be used in tandem with this one, or when considering raising the dose.


Utilizing a heart-healthy diet and lifestyle will also help mitigate some of the above issues to ensure maximal enjoyability during your period of use.

Primobolan Depot Dosages

As mentioned above, a key element in obtaining the greatest amount of perks, while also minimizing any unwanted concurrent events, is in selecting and managing the dose of the item used.


However, this is not always so straightforward, as the doses of Primobolan needed for the best outcome will depend on a number of factors.


These include gender, period of use, and previous experience with these types of drugs. For example, the most commonly reported Primobolan dosage for the improvement in aesthetic or fitness qualities is that of 300 milligrams weekly for males.


Although females will need less, reported at around 75 milligrams weekly, to minimize some of the above events.


Meanwhile, more experienced users will likely need more, due to a greater amount of androgen receptors present after the use of these chemicals, and due to them being closer to their genetic limit than newcomers looking for Primobolan Depot for sale. Here, doses as high as 600 milligrams weekly have been reported.

How To Buy Primobolan Depot?

After examining the above impact and events, as well as common uses of Primobolan Depot, we can look at how you can get the item.


You can buy Primobolan online from this site and pay for it electronically. After that, it will be brought out to whatever area you desire within a few weeks, with the exact time-frame dependant on where exactly you are.

This site is not only a means of getting Primobolan Depot for sale either. There are also similar items, such as Anavar (Oxandrolone) available from this site, to add convenience and affordability for you when you're ready to get these items. 

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer MR Pharmaceutical
Substance Methenolone Enanthate 100 mg/ml
Common name Primobolan

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